We Make Green Innovation to Improve Health

The Head of Business Development in Green Innovation Group always has the higher goal in mind in whatever he does: Improving health. The climate crisis will never be solved without functional human beings. That is both a fact and a personal learning to him. Meet Joachim Espeland Almdal.

Green Innovation Group helps pharma and healthcare organisations reach their sustainability goals faster.

»And we have done so with success to both Novo Nordisk, Janssen and Johnson & Johnson – so I feel comfortable saying that we know how green innovation should be done«, says Joachim.

He is concerned about climate changes, just as all of his colleagues. However, he seeks a higher goal, whenever he helps organisations develop and execute their green strategies:

To me, green innovation is about improving health. Especially the health of humans. That is why I find it so meaningful going to work every day. Our clients have already developed amazing medical technologies and improved pharmaceuticals, but we are able to push them even further in improving health

Joachim explains.

The thriving of bees, flowers, and oceans are important to him, no doubt. But the thriving of humans is key. A concussion a couple of years ago made him realise, just how dependent he is on his health.

»I had a minor accident on my bike, but somehow I hit my head pretty bad«, he says and adds: »This has forced me to create better work habits like sitting less in front of a screen, taking a walk doing the day, and work fewer hours«, Joachim tells.

Not being able to set the green transition of companies on maximum speed was very frustrating at first. However, Joachim quickly realised that respecting his own limits made him work better. He is now more sufficient, happier, and more focused when working to improve the health of other people as well as the planet.

»It is a classic«, he says,

but being forced to do everything in a different way, made me learn how to do it in a better way. That is a learning that I am trying to apply to our customers.

Joachim then cuts of the interview. He is about to have an online meeting and therefore needs to get some air at first. Much for the better – I have got all I needed, and there is no reason to spend more resources than necessary.

Joachim Espeland Almdal

  1. 33 years old
  2. Head of Business Development & co-founder of Green Innovation Group
  3. Advisor to Eutopia, an AI-powered platform to access information about thousands of green startups in Europe
  4. He was once a boy scout, but turned to weight lifting instead. His heaviest lift was 10.000 kgs!

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