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Case studies

Acting on CIRCULARITY IN MEDTECH DEVICES through 5 industrial pilots in 90 days

Novo Nordisk produce +500 million diabetes pens a year helping millions of people with a chronic disease but leaving a large environmental footprint. GREEN INNOVATION GROUP together with Matter facilitated the Novo Nordisk Innovation Challenge with the aim of making the pens more circular. 350 potential solutions from outside companies were mapped and 5 were selected to become pilots in device production.

In the accelerator the GIG facilitated a co-creation process with Novo Nordisk and the companies. Several of the solutions are are now in use in production or being scaled up, including a bioplastic made from Novo Nordisk´s medicinal waste.

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At Novo Nordisk, we are shaping our business practices to deliver on our clear ambition to have zero environmental impact. By collaborating with MATTER and Green Innovation Group, we’ve found novel solutions that will enable us to reduce our use of resources and tomore effectively design our devices for recycling after use.
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Senior Vice President for Device R&D at Novo Nordisk

ESG Due Diligence unlocked post-merger strategy plan

After a deep dive into the respective subject area and activation of management and other strategic advisors, a final ESG risk and opportunity report was developed defining the company's current status and sustainability opportunity.

Based on this assessment, GIG developed a five-year post-merger strategy plan, including rough costs and potential gains. GIG was hired to execute a full ESG Due Diligence to inform a M&A transaction, create am ESG industry baseline for comparison and develop a roadmap to improvement.

As part of the process, GIG identified the most materials ESG areas based on strategic importance to the business as well as impact on ESG topic, and executed a high level assessment of ESG performance on the ESG topics.

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In depth study of digitalization of Nordic Healthcare Ecosystems

In collaboration with a Nordic consortium, GIG worked with Nordic Innovation (Nordic Council of Ministers) to create a use case simulating the effects of Vision 2030 on Nordic businesses serving as a strategic inspiration for the ministers redesigning the health legislations. GIG and the consortium delivered a use case demonstrating in detail how the realisation of the vision will affect different sized companies in different sectors in each of the Nordic countries as well as highlighting major pitfalls that should be avoided. 

The work was built around workshops, expert roundtables and interviews engaging together more than 200 stakeholders from healthcare, life science and connected sectors. Additionally, a quantitative mapping and triangulation was carried out, producing a dataset of more than 112,000 entities in Nordic healthcare. 

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Transforming full business unit to have circularity at its core for Global Pharmaceutical

With the motivation of delivering on sustainability goals, and future proof for market and regulatory risk, the client hired GIG to help kickstart the sustainability transformation of one of their business units.

The task was for the business unit to incorporate sustainability in the core services and activities and move sustainability out from the sustainability department and into the everyday work of the organisation.

Key activities in the year-long project included:

  • Business unit wide activation and engagement employees
  • Trainings on key sustainability areas
  • Mapping and assesment of current sustainabililty maturity
  • Tool creation for internal sustainability owners
  • Facilitate collaboration with other pharmaceuticals and academic institutions on sustainability
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