Pharmaceutical & Healthcare companies have a huge sustainability execution gap.

Pharma & healthcare organisations have a massive execution gap & lacks a clear process on how to fully transform into a sustainable business.

At Green Innovation Group we help our clients master sustainability execution. Whether it is in R&D and Clinical, Production, Commercial or other departments.

Transforming yourself into a fully sustainable organization is hard because:

  • Pharma companies still have a reactive mindset where sustainability is a viewed as an add-on and not as a key value driver. These sustainability effort are driven by individual “heroes” instead of structured systems.
  • High complexity, high regulation, complex value chains and internal collaboration between departments. Transformations needs to happen without jeopardizing safety or profitability.
  • Even with a good strategy the answer will have to “emerge as you go” and often in collaboration with other company divisions, clinical partners, payers and healthcare systems.  
  • Divisions in Pharma & Healthcare companies are fully focused on operations. Production-stops and longer time to market etc. are unacceptable, which leads to deprioritized sustainability efforts.

Why you should prioritize it anyway

  • Sustainability will become part of the core business with a clear answer and roadmap to why it matters, how it improves treatment and makes or saves money.
  • Sustainability becomes an integrated part of decision making and part of the end-to-end cross-functional business planning, KPI´s and metrics.
  • Development of sustainability organizational literacy and toolbox and cultural change will lead to a better sustainability profile without compromizing profitability.
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This is how you progress

Project examples

Transformation of Clinical Development division with hundreds of studies and thousand of FTE´s

Helped client to integrate sustainability into clinical trial designs, services and solutions. Developed sustainability toolbox and trained key personal. Created a path to quantifying environmental impact and measure progress against goals.

Sustainability maturity models and change roadmap for API production division

Development of maturity assessment tool for factories and corresponding organisations including, waste, water, CO2, competencies and cultural components. Followed by leadership training

Other sustainability pioneers working with us

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A 2050 goal is not enough. You need a 2030 strategy and you need to start today:

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How to improve your sustainability

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The Value of Partnerships in Sustainable Healthcare

Partnerships are often considered the most important Sustainable Development Goal. There is a reason for that: Partnerships have the potential to create innovation, new markets, and increase sustainability. It is time to team up instead of dealing with everything yourself.

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