Sustainability Strategy

Leading healthcare companies make sustainability a part of their core business - we help.

Most healthcare companies have a sustainability strategy by now, but many still lack one that is clearly defined. With properly defined KPI's, budgets and owners.

At Green Innovation Group we help companies transform their sustainability strategy from non-existent or deprioritized to a part of the core business in a profitable way.

If your sustainability strategy looks like this, it's time to revisit it:

  • You have a 2050 goal, but no concrete & actionable steps to get there
  • No prioritization and all sustainability efforts are of equal importance and assumed impact

  • Is filled with fluff and buzzwords that don't provide clear answers or guidelines

Here's how we help:

  • We help you incorporate sustainability into your core strategy making it fully future-proof.
  • The strategy is co-created with the teams that are living and executing in the day-to-day

  • We help you make sustainability about better treatment and better business - not just awareness
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This is how you progress

Project examples

Novo Circular Factories.

Other sustainability pioneers working with us

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A 2050 goal is not enough. You need a 2030 strategy and you need to start today:

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How to improve your sustainability

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The Value of Partnerships in Sustainable Healthcare

Partnerships are often considered the most important Sustainable Development Goal. There is a reason for that: Partnerships have the potential to create innovation, new markets, and increase sustainability. It is time to team up instead of dealing with everything yourself.

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