Make sustainability innovation a competitive advantage

The most successful healthcare, Pharma & MedTech companies continuously innovate and the new frontier of innovation is sustainability. We're helping the World's leading companies innovate in a way that's not only good for the planet but also good for business.

To become sustainable, your current business model requires novel technologies.
But where to find it? And how to integrate with existing production processes?

  • Your team has picked the low-hanging fruits of green electricity, LED bulbs, waste sorting, etc. Where do we look for the next initiatives that meaningfully reduce emissions and improve circularity? Dedicated sprint might be the answer
  • Despite your best research, it seems no solutions currently on the market addresses your need. How to increase inhouse innovation readiness with current resources?

We help you identify which low-hanging fruits are ripe for plucking in your company across Scope 1, 2, & 3. We help you scope the needs and identify new suppliers at a similar cost but with a better sustainability profile to improve your carbon footprint.

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A 2050 goal is not enough. You need a 2030 strategy and you need to start today:

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How to improve your sustainability

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The Value of Partnerships in Sustainable Healthcare

Partnerships are often considered the most important Sustainable Development Goal. There is a reason for that: Partnerships have the potential to create innovation, new markets, and increase sustainability. It is time to team up instead of dealing with everything yourself.

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