Capacity Building

Increase sustainability literacy and capacity inside your company - and reach sustainability targets more reliably.

One of the largest roadblocks for many healthcare companies is a lack of understanding of how sustainability works.

We help healthcare companies become literate and co-create their own sustainability vocabulary.

  • Qualifying trajectory enabling your employees to facilitate and run sustainability efforts in your organization. Can be aimed at a GREEN INNOVATION certificate.
  • Dedicated professional diploma training for sustainable healthcare.
  • In-depth analytical process based on a combination of qualitative and quantitative methodologies, resulting in white-label educational material that raises the level of your organization.

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Project examples

VF Analysis, GGICS framework

Novo Nordisk Sprints

Other sustainability pioneers working with us

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A 2050 goal is not enough. You need a 2030 strategy and you need to start today:

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How to improve your sustainability

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The Value of Partnerships in Sustainable Healthcare

Partnerships are often considered the most important Sustainable Development Goal. There is a reason for that: Partnerships have the potential to create innovation, new markets, and increase sustainability. It is time to team up instead of dealing with everything yourself.

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