October 9, 2023

Rasmus Revsbeck Unveils the Path to Sustainable Healthcare: Insights from Region Midtjylland

Uncover the path to decarbonizing healthcare with LCA expert Rasmus Revsbeck. Tune in for a greener future.

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About this episode

Join us on the Sustainable Healthcare Podcast for an enlightening episode featuring Rasmus Revsbeck, a Life Cycle Assessment expert (LCA) from Region Midtjylland!

Today, in the company of Frederik Van Deurs, we embark on a profound journey to address the urgent imperative of decarbonizing the healthcare sector. Did you know it contributes to a substantial 4-6% of global CO2 emissions?

Rasmus unveils a pivotal insight: engaging healthcare professionals in the battle against environmentally harmful practices. Together, we wield the power to catalyze significant sustainability transformations within the sector.

Eager to delve deeper into this transformational discourse? Discover the full episode in the first comment below.