October 2, 2023

Driving Towards a Sustainable Future: Chiesi's Journey to Climate Neutrality by 2035 with Gitte Larsen, Market Access Manager

Explore healthcare's green future with Chiesi: From B Corp to Carbon Neutrality by 2035. Tune in.

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About this episode

Join us in this episode of the Sustainable Healthcare podcast as we dive into the decarbonisation of the healthcare sector!

Frederik Van Deurs is hosting a special guest, Gitte Larsen, from Chiesi, the first global pharmaceutical company to achieve a B Corp certification! Chiesi, a family-owned company based in Italy, specializes in respiratory treatments, neonatal care, and rare diseases.

Our guest shares an incredible insight about the B Corp certification, which assesses a company's sustainability and transparency across various areas. Chiesi´s commitment to sustainability includes becoming climate neutral by 2035, driving electric cars, and implementing sustainable practices in their operations.