September 25, 2023

Brewing a Sustainable Revolution in the Coffee World with Sebastian Nielsen, CEO, from Slow

Coffee revolution with Slow CEO Sebastian Nielsen. They transform coffee production sustainably and regeneratively.

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About this episode

Join us in this captivating podcast episode as Frederik Van Deurs sits down with Sebastian Nielsen, CEO, from Slow, the coffee producer that's changing the game with sustainable and regenerative practices!

Slow isn't your run-of-the-mill coffee company. They take coffee production to the next level by growing their beans in forests, creating a haven for wildlife and nurturing soil health.

Sebastian also delves into the pitfalls of conventional coffee production, including deforestation and chemical use. Slow's dedication to making a difference in both Europe and Southeast Asia is nothing short of inspiring.

Ready to be part of the coffee revolution? Tune in to learn more about Slow's remarkable journey and their mission to connect coffee farmers directly with enthusiasts in Europe.

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