July 24, 2023

066 - BEST OF 2022: Materiality Assessment – How to Move the Sustainability Needle

Discover sustainability secrets: Frederik van Deurs & Joachim Almdal's transformative work with pharma & MedTech giants.

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About this episode

During the summer, we're revisiting our four greatest hits and most enjoyed podcasts in a Best of 2022 series.

The first episode is episode 025 - Materiality Assessment – How to Move the Sustainability Needle:
How can you move the needle in a sustainability transformation? That question are we trying to answer today. Frederik van Deurs and Joachim Almdal is back in the studio and sharing - in-depth – about their own work when actually working with major pharma & MedTech companies on improving their sustainability profile.

This is a very tactical episode where we talk about what a materiality assessment is, how to do one and we’re talking about Madonna.