Meet our Alumni: Mycorena

In recent years, there has been an awakening in the general public when it comes to environmental responsibility, putting immense pressure on companies to deliver sustainable and eco-friendly products.
Almost all industries you can imagine produce some type of waste material, an example being the food processing industry, where large amounts of liquid waste are produced. The handling and disposal of these products are of major concern as they usually contain polluting substances that bring all sorts of unwanted environmental effects. The numerous methods used today all have something in common, they are inefficient or have high operating costs. 

Mycorena‘s solution can be simply integrated between the industries and existing wastewater treatment plants. By using wastewater to create valuable biomass, their fungi-based process is a one-step water recycling add-on that reduces 95% of the organic waste content. At the same time, fungi grow as a result of consuming this waste, and are then processed as a fish food component. The result of this process is that removing waste becomes an added revenue stream instead of a cost. Additionally, removing organic residues from the water will lower the downstream costs of wastewater management, creating additional profit to the industries involved.

As an alumni of the GREENTECH CHALLENGE Stockholm 2018 and currently involved in the NORDIN project – which helps taking Scandinavian companies to the Indian market – we are proud to announce that Mycorena took a step further toward commercializing their innovation as in April they went to Bäckhammar to officialize the implementation of their own pilot production plant!
The Mycorena Pilot Plant will feature different bioreactor capacities which will go up to 5000L scale in production tank volume. The facility will be used not only as a test bed for up-scaling our fungal biomass production processes, but also as an initial manufacturing unit for product samples to interested partners. The facility will be used to validate large scale conversion of industrial wastewater into fungi biomass for production of valuable products.
Mycorena is a promising innovation in the green entrepreneurship scene that surely deserves to be kept an eye on!

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