Look into the future – Year 2050


Frederik van Deurs, Co-Founder of Green Innovation Group A/S


Diary from the future




I woke up this morning and had my coffee with the sound of lapping waves like music in my ears. As I opened my diary, I realized that it’s been a long time since I have written here. Today I felt special as I had a dream, a flashback actually, of when the world was predicted to end. As we get used to the evolution of technology, we tend to forget what it felt like to live in an uncertain and uncomfortable world.

In only 30 years, so many things have changed.

These times are unbelievable, we live further apart, yet we got closer to each other as ownership has become a choice. Everything is shared on demand and reused for infinity. The logistics challenge of the sharing economy and the “access as a service” business model, has been solved. The system lays on a solid foundation that Coreorient – an innovation that helped businesses and consumers make everyday tasks more efficient and convenient with the help of their local communities – started to build 30 years ago.
All of this evolution has been possible thanks to the efforts of the population to make things change. Even the youngest got engaged in that fight like Greta Thunberg that went on strike every Friday in 2018 until the Swedish election occurred.

We’ve come a long way. I think we needed to go through the rough patches to have the courage to radically change. Even back then I kind of knew that we had not lost the battle against ourselves. I knew that humanity could destroy, but it could also rebuild itself in a much more sustainable way.

I’m now writing from my terrace, in front of the emerald-blue water. A clear image comes to my mind of the 7 Seas Summit we organized in Lisbon first time in 2019. Everything was still about to be done, but that day people felt concerned and came with hope and desire to make things different. With hindsight, I can say that they did have an impact and I know with certainty that it was never too late, we just had to start somewhere.


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