Sustainable products

Little Poseidons Saving the Ocean!

I have worked as a scuba diving instructor for over 10 years and always had a passion for the ocean and protecting it. For the last two years working with the GREEN INNOVATION GROUP we have mapped over 100 ocean tech startups and SMEs; I have learnt a lot. Last June, we also had the pleasure of hosting the 7 Seas Summit in Lisbon, Portugal and two of the startups that participated: Plastic Fischer GmbH and AguaPlus are game changers.

Meet our Alumni: Mycorena

In recent years, there has been an awakening in the general public when it comes to environmental responsibility, putting immense pressure on companies to deliver sustainable and eco-friendly products. Almost all industries you can imagine produce some type of waste material, an example being the food processing industry, where large amounts of liquid waste are produced. …

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