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The Sustainability of 3D Printing

For decades, additive manufacturing (AM), which includes various forms of 3D modeling and printing, has been heralded as a modern-day industrial revolution and an opportunity to make production considerably more environmentally friendly.

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Danish Pigs and Dutch Hunters

If companies want to escape from cutthroat competition, they need to move away from established industry assumptions and models. This movement is usually coined as “strategic innovation”. It refers to companies that radically change the rules of the game in an industry by competing in a fundamentally different way. This approach has proven itself especially effective when it comes to building a sustainable company.

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Ghost Net : the silent killer

Have you ever walked for a day without noticing a single piece of waste? Have you ever been in remote corners, closer to nature and far from humans, while having this dark vision of a bottle or a plastic bag spoiling the landscape? Unfortunately, all of this represents visible pollution, sadly a minority regarding the amount of waste in the oceans.

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Little Poseidons Saving the Ocean!

I have worked as a scuba diving instructor for over 10 years and always had a passion for the ocean and protecting it. For the last two years working with the GREEN INNOVATION GROUP we have mapped over 100 ocean tech startups and SMEs; I have learnt a lot. Last June, we also had the pleasure of hosting the 7 Seas Summit in Lisbon, Portugal and two of the startups that participated: Plastic Fischer GmbH and AguaPlus are game changers.

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Innovations for “breaking down mental health”

Anyone can develop a mental health illness, however, certain people are more prone to them than others, if your family has a history of mental health disorders, if you have lived a traumatic experience, or if there’s a chemical imbalance in your brain.

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Lets 3D print the future

The principle behind 3d printing, or additive manufacturing, can be easily pointed out: in the first place you need a digital file as a template for the object of desire. The template can be either found online or created individually. Therefore, there is explicit software on the market.

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