Ghost Net : the silent killer

Have you ever walked for a day without noticing a single piece of waste? Have you ever been in remote corners, closer to nature and far from humans, while having this dark vision of a bottle or a plastic bag spoiling the landscape? Unfortunately, all of this represents visible pollution, sadly a minority regarding the amount of waste in the oceans.

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Little Poseidons Saving the Ocean!

I have worked as a scuba diving instructor for over 10 years and always had a passion for the ocean and protecting it. For the last two years working with the GREEN INNOVATION GROUP we have mapped over 100 ocean tech startups and SMEs; I have learnt a lot. Last June, we also had the pleasure of hosting the 7 Seas Summit in Lisbon, Portugal and two of the startups that participated: Plastic Fischer GmbH and AguaPlus are game changers.

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Innovations for “breaking down mental health”

Anyone can develop a mental health illness, however, certain people are more prone to them than others, if your family has a history of mental health disorders, if you have lived a traumatic experience, or if there’s a chemical imbalance in your brain.

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Lets 3D print the future

The principle behind 3d printing, or additive manufacturing, can be easily pointed out: in the first place you need a digital file as a template for the object of desire. The template can be either found online or created individually. Therefore, there is explicit software on the market.

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The Sustainability of 3D Printing

For decades, additive manufacturing (AM), which includes various forms of 3D modeling and printing, has been heralded as a modern-day industrial revolution and an opportunity to make production considerably more environmentally friendly.

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