Ghost Net : the silent killer

Have you ever walked for a day without noticing a single piece of waste? Have you ever been in remote corners, closer to nature and far from humans, while having this dark vision of a bottle or a plastic bag spoiling the landscape? Unfortunately, all of this represents visible pollution, sadly a minority regarding the amount of waste in the oceans.

Meet our Alumni: Mycorena

In recent years, there has been an awakening in the general public when it comes to environmental responsibility, putting immense pressure on companies to deliver sustainable and eco-friendly products. Almost all industries you can imagine produce some type of waste material, an example being the food processing industry, where large amounts of liquid waste are produced. …

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The Blue Economy: Importance of Ocean Conservation

The Blue Economy is sustainable use of ocean resources for: economic growth, improved livelihoods, job creation, and ocean ecosystem health. Achieving a sustainable Blue Economy requires amplified conversation, education and intentional efforts in ocean conservation. The world relies on the ocean for survival, and its human inhabitants all participate in at least one daily activity, …

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